Front porch on two story home


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Trying to add a front concrete porch with foundation block wall and concrete top to a two story home with porch roof extending from garage roof line. Multiple questions for one project using multiple build features.


Where do I start?


Using Home Design Suite 2015 ver. - in Windows




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Start with the User Guide to get a pretty good grasp of how the tools/features work, then use the search in the program's Help as well as the training videos and website articles for specific terms if you come up against something you don't know how to do. 


If you run in to something particularly tricky you aren't sure how to do after checking everything else, post here with a photo of what you want, as opposed to what you see in the software (and sometimes posting the plan too can be helpful).

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I agree with Kat in that you first need to learn where the tools are, what they are for and what they do. You study about a tool, and then practice using that tool until you see the connection between its theory and its application. When you then feel more confident you dabble with some idea, you create it using the knowledge you have taught yourself. An Architect goes to school for six years just to become an apprentice. Take it a slow, a little bit at a time and enjoy the creative ride!



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Using Home Designer Suite 2015


Here are a couple points that I had to learn the hard way about porches:

  • You can use the Deck room type and place a roof over it. This facilitates the use of open railings, etc.
  • If the porch has a shed roof attaching to the house do this:
    • Open Build Roof from your toolbar. Deselect Auto Rebuild Roofs.
    • If your house currently has a roof, delete it.
    • Break the house exterior wall where the porch joins the house.
    • Specify the house roof using the second floor only.
    • Select the section of house wall that is under the high end of the shed and open the roof dialog.
    • Select the High Shed/Gable option.
    • Alternately open the roof dialogs for the two end walls. Set the roof type as Gable.
    • Select the wall at the low side of the shed and open the roof dialog.
    • If there is a roof type selected, deselect it. Do not specify a type.
    • Set the roof pitch. It can be different than your default and other roofs on the house.
    • Click Build roof to see the result.
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