Need help with distorted views and images

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 Hi Guys,

Need help with a file.. and distorted views and images (all settings). Note - it was not like this at all times, so something must have triggered this... Unfortunately, it happens in all files that are saved versions of this file.


. I have checked all my render settings... image settings... compared the file to other files... This is the only one that is doing this.. I resaved under new name.. 

All files associated with this are not showing clearly like my other files... Can you look at this and tell me if there is something I am missing... The images are not right.. It only shows up in this file.


The issue is the at images are distorted in standard and pbr views.  The colors on the wall "my generic color used in most plans"  comes across as yellow, instead of tan.  This was my first clue that something was off.


When I change the color on the walls.  It is saturated, so it also tells me that something is off, somewhere..


I checked active camera, 3D, preferences.. all is normal...  therefore, it must be elsewhere, that I am not familiar with..


I checked the resources for image


I do understand that this most likely is a "user error"  

I just don't know where the error occurred.


Any guidance would be most appreciated..  This is the only file that is doing this to me... so I gather, there is something that is making this happen. Everything is normal, so I don't know what is out of the ordinary in this file...


Thanks in advance for pointing me in the right direction.  Apart from starting over from scratch, I am at a loss where else to look..



I have included a zipped file 


HD Pro 2021

805 Indirect lighting

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You went WAY overboard with the "Emissive" property setting on several materials.that is what is causing the weird, distorted camera views you are getting. The software is only doing WHAT YOU TOLD IT TO DO!!!  



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@ Solver...

I changed my signature... sorry for not doing this earlier when I changed programs... Thanks for the nudge...


David - I also changed the emissive properties on my ceilings and walls and lights... It did not help resolve the problem completely...


I know that it is a "user error" - I just don't know what I can do to fix it.. This is the reason I mentioned in my original post... that I know it was something that I turned on, just don't know what or how to turn off...


The only emissive settings was on the ceilings and walls... even after changing it and redoing the ceilings and walls... it still is not right. The yellow walls are gone... but the image is definitely distorted and not pretty in PBR like it was in the beginning..


I think there is another issue with the structure... I think that I did something with the settings for the foundation because it is open at the bottom.. I don't know how to fix it, but I think that this is causing the illumination issue.. I will just have to recreate the plan... I now see that too much emissivity can ruin a plan.. Valuable lesson learned...  


I thank you David and Solver for your responses.. You Guys are wonderful and helpful and your wisdom and guidance that you share on the forum is always much appreciated... 


Best Regards..

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Thanks for the MASTER CLASS!! I really learned so much in your tutorial...


I have fixed the problem Thanks to You!! 


I reset my system back to default and made some of your suggestions...   It is back Yay!!!


Thanks so much for taking the time to explain all of your helpful suggestions..


I had issues in other plans I was working on, so I had to change back to default settings to clear up the render issues I was having and lo and behold it fixed the problem in this plan.


You addressed some other issues I was having in your tutorial, so thanks for that.. I will be rewatching and take notes.. it really was helpful in understanding how the foundation and the roof planes work and are impacted... 


Also, I thank you for teaching me how to properly share a file and materials when I send things to the forum or sharing with others... I never understood this before..


You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT when you say that rebuilding plans do not hurt.. I learned that you always pick up something new..


Here are two renders showing the problems fixed...


btw.. I used the amber light instead of the white light because I thought the white would not show next to the ceiling.. Thanks for showing me otherwise...


Love the HDPro software.. Always learning new things!!! 


ALSO... Thanks for the wonderful video.. It was ever so helpful..


Best Regards,



living room 1 - from dining room.jpg

living room 2- from desk area.jpg

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