Measuring to triangulate a point?


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Using HD Pro 2021 / Win 10


I'm trying to place things around my design based on measurements - I'll use a tree for an example. I can measure the distance of the tree trunk from two different corners of my house to triangulate the location of that tree, but I can't figure out an easy way to get this into HD. 

I can place an object on the design, and I can use various measuring tools to see how far away I placed it, but I can adjust it without deleting the measurements, taking a better 'guess' and measuring again. What I want is a point to point measurement that moves with my object. The tools all lock on a specific angle first picture (once drawn), but when I move the object, the measuring lines don't follow the object, they stay on the same angle (second picture). Is there a way to change this behavior?


Measurements to point:



When I move the point: 



I want the measurement lines to move with the object (based on the original end lock points) and show me the changing distance as I move it around.



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21 minutes ago, AllenStoker said:

but I can't figure out an easy way to get this into HD. 


Use Circle About Center.


Click to start the circle and then drag it out. Open and set the radius. Point to Point will pick up the center and move if needed.


Repeat for the other dimension.


Where circles intersect is your tree.

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