Stairwell Crown Molding

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I need help if possible.  I have created a stairwell but the crown molding at the top is not joining at the corners.  I attached a picture.  Is there anything I can do to fix this?  Any help would be appreciated.



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It looks like the right hand side of the stairs are out of line (bottom of stair). The stairs are sitting slightly under the wall or too close to the wall.

At the top of the stairs the opposite is happening. Stairs are too close to the left hand side wall. It also looks like you do not have one continuous flight of stairs they are broken. Delete the stairs and re draw then with a nice steady hand. Hold the control key down as you drag the mouse. At the same time hold the left side of the mouse down. I think then everything will line up. Best wishes.

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This is a bug caused by half-walls. I've run into plenty of times and I will explain my path around the problem.


Build>Trim>Molding Polyline and Build>Trim>Molding Line are the tools you will be using to work the molding around your half-walls.


First, you'll create a Molding Line on the south wall. This should be pretty straight forward. Match the molding with the other molding and you'll be done there.


The other walls will be a bit trickier. Create a Molding Polyline that starts at the south wall and runs to the corner of that upstairs inset where the molding needs to end. that is your length. the width doesn't matter because the final Molding Polyline will blend in with the room's existing molding. Open the dialogue box up for your new Molding Polyline you just created and specify the molding to match the room's molding. Then simply select the Molding Polyline, copy in place and reflect about the stairs.


You should be good to go with this fix. If you have questions or are confused at all, let me know. I don't have time to take/post pics of any example I've done.


Best regards,


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Hi Jimmy I think you must be an X6 User ? ( you haven't filled in you Profile signature)  as the Build Trim>Polyline Option is not available in Home Designer titles and you are not on the Chief Forums but the Home Designer titles Forum ( HD forum theme colour is blue)   but you can use the same User ID and Password over at Chieftalk  (green themed forums) here :


though anytime you want to help out here on the HD forums is good , all help happily accepted.



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