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The camera view snapshots for PDF are based on the resolution of your current camera view.  The resolution is limited by the resolution of your physical screen.  So with create view from PDF, you're never going to have all that great of an image.  The image is identical to using default settings for export picture.


If you want much higher quality, you'll need to export picture and increase the default resolution to something higher.  Try 4k for starters (3840x2160).  Also, you may want to export as .PNG because .JPG files use lossy compression which can also look blurry when you zoom in.  I don't see any options in HD Pro to change the compression ratio for the save process.  PNG uses lossless compression, but it will take a lot more space for 3D renders (takes very little space for plan view exports though).


After you have the files you want separately created, you'll need to use other software to incorporate them into a PDF.  Be careful however, as that software can compress images during its own import process.

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