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  1. Hello, Im trying to export PDF of camera views but they are a little blurry. Is there anything I can do to improve the quality?
  2. I should should probably join the wall at the angle then?
  3. selectbuilder

    angle finder

    Hello, I have a exterior wall that has a angle to it. I was able to draw the basic plan with the actual dimensions to achieve the angle but is there a way to see what degree this angle actually is? thank you
  4. Hi Eric, I'm actually the builder, I have dimensioned plans but you have to do a lot of adding when your 40' across the wall. I was trying to just pull a new dimension, say from outside framing to a window 34' down the wall. Instead of having to add all the other dimensions along the way to get my number. I can get close with the point to point but is there a easier way to say grab framing to framing of opening ?
  5. Hello, I'm just trying to locat simple interior wall dimensions as well as door and window. Say I'm trying to go left to right on the wall to get the center of the door. If I use point to point I have to zoom in so far to make sure I hit it exact or I get a differant reading every time. I was pretty sure there was a dimension tool that would just grab outside of framing and let me snap it to any opening or wall channel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Jon
  6. How would you do it in Pro? thank you
  7. How do I create the opening on the second floor?
  8. greetings , Is there a function in material list that let me count joist and studs as well as other framing members? thank you
  9. Ok I figured it out. changed the size and selected it as my material but it does not change in my view of it. Any suggestions?
  10. Could someone please explain how to change a tile size? thats basically what I'm attempting to do. Thank you
  11. Yes thank you I'm aware of how to right click on a Mac. So this question will need to be answered by a Mac user. Thank you for trying.
  12. The knowledge base explains using right clicks. So no matter what combinations I try I can't select to copy and even to get its parameters.
  13. Yes David sorry about that. Trying to change what I'm assuming 12'x12' to 12' x24'.
  14. It seems to be answered in the Knowledge base but unfortunately its for a PC. Can anyone please help me with this? thank you