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How do I try out different exterior materials?  I have done a lot of work on a plan with a stucco exterior, so I don't want to start over, but I would like to see how it looks in siding or brick.  I set my defaults to stucco at the beginning, but when I went back to change the defaults, it doesn't update.  I realize some defaults are like this, but I can't figure out how to tell the software to do what I want.  The reference manual says, concerning defaults for materials:  


"Material defaults are dynamic, which means that if you change a particular default material, all objects that are set to use that default will automatically update to use the new material."


But the material didn't update when I changed it.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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To change trim color, I would imagine that I would go into defaults and choose trim and change the color.  That's what I did here, but it didn't work.  I chose Defaults>Materials>Walls(Exterior) and then chose a brick from the Library.  No change.  Then I tried Defaults>Walls>Exterior/Interior Walls and changed the exterior from Stucco 6 to Brick 6.  No luck there, either.  Is this the wrong way to do it?  I feel like I'm following what the Reference Manual says to do.

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Defaults set what new objects are created with.  To change existing objects you need to use the material painter tool.  While in a 3D view, go to the menu "3D -> Material Painter" and observe the tools there.


You have the painter (with several modes/options) and the eyedropper.  If you choose the painter, the library window pops up and you use it to select a new material. You can also use the eyedropper to select an existing material from the 3D view.


Once selected, click a surface in the 3D view to replace it's material with the one chosen.  Depending on the mode of operation, other materials in the plan may or may not be replaced.  It sounds like you want to use "plan mode" which replaces every identical surface with the new material using a single click.


This won't concern you at the moment because you're applying materials with textures, but note that color materials (i.e. paint) have no texture associated.  If you're painting colors without texture, the tool by default will not remove the texture already applied to the surface.  For example, you apply color to brick and you get different color brick, not a flat non-brick surface using your color.  To apply a flat color to a textured surface, removing the texture, deactivate the "blend colors with materials" option.



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What you probably should be doing is changing the wall type, and not just the exterior material.


I'll often paint a brick material on to a Siding-6 wall for example for a quick visual, but because the thickness of the brick is so much different, changing the wall type is best.


Windows and doors are typically trimmed and located differently too. 


Wall defaults apply to new walls and do not change the old ones.


With Pro, I'd make a copy of the plan, select all the exterior walls and change the wall type. Then update the Windows and doors.


Unfortunately, not all window and door defaults are dynamic, so some changes may need to be made by opening the objects.


Using Shift Select helps. To select multiple windows, click the window icon as if you were wanting to place a window, now hold shift and marquee around the windows you want to select. (This works for cabinets and doors too). Open them and make your changes.

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@solver  Thanks.  I don't know why they are making this so hard.  I keep wondering why there isn't an option when you change defaults--a pop-up box that asks if you want to change everything retroactively, or just going forward.  It doesn't make sense not to have that option.


By the way, how can I learn to make videos like the ones you posted here?  I think that could be a good way for me to share my plan with family or with my builder.

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36 minutes ago, azdesigner said:

how can I learn to make videos like the ones you posted here?


Not much to learn. You need some software -- both free and paid are available. I use

the paid version, the free version works too but lacks some of the advanced features.


Chief also offers a couple of viewers -- see


A microphone if you want to record voice. 


And I agree about changing previously placed objects when defaults are changed.

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