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  1. azdesigner

    Gap in gable wall

    Can anyone tell me why I have a gap like this in my gable wall? I see the gap in the dotted lines, but I don't know what it means. This is a 1 1/2 story, and when I build the roof first with an 18 inch ceiling, the walls are fine. Then when I go back and raise the ceiling height to the default, I get these gaps. You can see there are two other gaps, also. Here's the view from above.
  2. azdesigner

    change exterior material later in the process

    @solver Thanks. I don't know why they are making this so hard. I keep wondering why there isn't an option when you change defaults--a pop-up box that asks if you want to change everything retroactively, or just going forward. It doesn't make sense not to have that option. By the way, how can I learn to make videos like the ones you posted here? I think that could be a good way for me to share my plan with family or with my builder.
  3. azdesigner

    change exterior material later in the process

    @davidstvz Thank you, that was really helpful.
  4. azdesigner

    change exterior material later in the process

    To change trim color, I would imagine that I would go into defaults and choose trim and change the color. That's what I did here, but it didn't work. I chose Defaults>Materials>Walls(Exterior) and then chose a brick from the Library. No change. Then I tried Defaults>Walls>Exterior/Interior Walls and changed the exterior from Stucco 6 to Brick 6. No luck there, either. Is this the wrong way to do it? I feel like I'm following what the Reference Manual says to do.
  5. How do I try out different exterior materials? I have done a lot of work on a plan with a stucco exterior, so I don't want to start over, but I would like to see how it looks in siding or brick. I set my defaults to stucco at the beginning, but when I went back to change the defaults, it doesn't update. I realize some defaults are like this, but I can't figure out how to tell the software to do what I want. The reference manual says, concerning defaults for materials: "Material defaults are dynamic, which means that if you change a particular default material, all objects that are set to use that default will automatically update to use the new material." But the material didn't update when I changed it. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  6. azdesigner

    "move start" and "move end" arrow buttons missing

    Thank you, @solver. That was exactly what I needed!
  7. azdesigner

    "move start" and "move end" arrow buttons missing

    By temporary dimensions, do you mean ones that are not very accurate? Like a foot or two off? Some of my dimensions are off that much, because I was just eye-balling it when I did the initial drawing, like it said to do in the instructions.
  8. azdesigner

    "move start" and "move end" arrow buttons missing

    Not sure what you mean by this. Can you explain, please?
  9. azdesigner

    "move start" and "move end" arrow buttons missing

    I drew it the way you described. As shown in the photo, I started drawing at the blue dot in the bottom left corner, going clockwise. Then when adjusting the lengths, I started again at the bottom left, by the blue dot. The first three walls had end handles and adjusted fine. The area in red is what I'm having problems with. It is 2'5", but I want it 2'. This wall has no end handles. When I enter 2', the wall circled in yellow changes from 7' to 7'5". ( I want it to be 7'.)
  10. I'm starting a new plan. After drawing in the perimeter walls with rough dimensions (as suggested in the user guide), I am going back to make each wall dimension completely accurate. When typing in a new wall length, most of the walls have the "move start" and "move end" arrows but a few don't. Why? Without those buttons, the wall I'm working on is resizing the wrong direction and messing up the whole plan. I read through the reference manual, in addition to the user manual, and can't find anything that explains this. Can anyone help?
  11. azdesigner

    How to create this front gable

    @DavidJPotter Wow,I can't thank you enough! That was perfect!
  12. azdesigner

    How to create this front gable

    @solver Could you please explain a little more? I'm not sure I get it.
  13. azdesigner

    How to create this front gable

    @solver, thank you. I'm guessing that I would need Pro to make the slight flare at the gable eaves? Or could I do it in Architectural?
  14. azdesigner

    How to create this front gable

    My exterior inspiration is this photo of an old house plan from the 20's or 30's. Might not be possible to do it fully in Architectural, but maybe I could get close? I'm wondering how to create the gable over the front door. Also, looking for opinions here.....does it look like the upstairs half-story roof is sitting on a short wall (maybe 2 feet?) instead of resting on top of the ground floor walls? The distance between the top of the ground floor windows and the bottom edge of the roof seems larger than normal to me.
  15. azdesigner

    Can't see icons in bottom left corner

    Thank you, @solver