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  1. azdesigner

    Small roof over box window

    Darkhorse41, thanks so much for your help.
  2. azdesigner

    Small roof over box window

    Thanks for your help, everyone. Just wondering, can I reply to a specific comment, or does it all go in the main thread? DavidJPotter, is there a video that shows how to do what you describe? Darkhorse 41, thank you for sharing that download. Any tips for applying it to the bumpout? How would I remove the auto-generated roof for the bumpout so that I can install the roof?
  3. azdesigner

    Small roof over box window

    I can't find a help topic to show me how to do a small roof over a box window, like in the photo attached. Does anyone know of an article or video that would explain this? (I'm trying to do it over a bumpout, not a true box window.) Thanks. Helena Home Designer Architectural 2021 Phoenix
  4. azdesigner

    1 1/2 story

    Thanks for your response. I tried doing it with a simple rectangle, and it worked fine, so I think I'm doing it correctly. So I'm guessing that I'm doing something wrong with the more complex design of my actual house plan, which looks like a series of rectangles connected together. Could it be that I have to do create the second flor at the beginning? I spent a lot of time designing the first floor and then tried to build the second floor. Perhaps I should have created the second floor right away? Helena Home Designer Architectural 2021 Phoenix
  5. azdesigner

    1 1/2 story

    Hi, first time posting, so I hope I do it right. I'm using Home Designer Architectural 2021. I read the article "Automatically Building a One and a Half Story Roof", which is what I want to do, setting my second floor walls at 24 inches and then later changing them back to the default, as directed. The "half" story builds just fine. However, when I look at the inside using the camera view, there are no knee walls as shown in the example. And the outside shows no difference, either, with the roof sitting on the 1st floor walls instead of the knee walls. Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? HHart Home Designer Architectural 2021