Question on lack of Layer Sets for HD Pro 2021


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Can the experts on the forum help me understand this workaround for the lack of layer set capabilities of HD Pro 2021 compared to Premier X12?


I found that if I send for example the preliminary electrical plan or landscaping plan to a temporary layout the layers that I opened for that specific plan stay even if I do some changes, updates, or revise the main floor plan. At the layout view for the electrical or landscaping plan, all the changes on the main floor plan are updated live for each drawing. I can click on the camera for that specific plan and update whatever needs to be updated based on the changes from the main floor plan.


Later, my idea is to send the final plans into final multiple layouts and save for printing then delete all the temp layout. I don't want to 'save as' multiple files from a single plan because I like the idea that the changes from the main plan are updated live into the different types of plans.


Is this how it is supposed to be done?

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Forget about 'temporary'. Let me call it Final Layouts.


My question still remains. Is it how it is supposed to be done on the Pro if it does not have the Plan Views capability like the Premier?


Having the preliminary multiples plans already sent to the layout and continue working and designing seems like it works similarly to the Plan Views with the Premier X12. I can go back and forth between plans and layouts do changes, revisions, etc. while the layers are there for the specific plans.


I'm still on both trial versions. I don't know what is the actual behavior of the software on the paid version of the Pro once saved on the computer.


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Home Designer Pro at $500.00 and Chief Premier at about $2,400.00 have lots of efficiency differences.


Home Designer Pro requires a single layout file per printed page. Premier has a layout file that can contain up to 1,000 printed pages in a single layout file.


Premier has Layer Sets, Annotation Sets, Saved Plan views that can be sent to a layout file.


Home Designer Pro has NO layer sets, annotation sets or saved plan views.


In HD Pro you have only "Layer Display Options Dialogs" one for plan view and one for each camera type view and THAT IS IT!


So if you are a real professional you would want to sped the extra bucks for Premier.


If you are frugal and don't mind spending a lot more time using Home Designer Pro, it does most of what Premier does, it just takes a lot longer to obtain the same or similar product using it, your choice.



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I already spoke to support and confirmed that HD Pro is a one-layer and one layout version. Once multiple layouts are made it has to be 'saved as' therefore no longer interconnected with the original floor plan. Just make sure the floor plan is final before thinking of doing the rest of the construction drawings.


I wish I am in the business of making floor plans and Premier would be a slam dunk. I just happen to have a one time project coming up. I guess I'm just a Pro guy for now...


Thanks for the help! 

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