Open Stairwell; Level 2 Disappears

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I have built a stairwell between levels one and two of a house plan; initially it worked great. But then after nonchalantly adding a number of different things -- windows, cabinets, you name it --  I happen to open a floor camera pointing at the stairs and realise the stairwell now opens to sky (from level one) and to grass (from level two). (I'm using the default background pic, as you'll deduce.) It would seem that the software doesn't realise I've built two levels, and I'd never have known this if it weren't for those pesky stairs. However, the two levels are very much there, and in Perspective Full Overview the house looks intact.


I've tried rebuilding the stairs from scratch but the same thing happens again, which makes me think it's not a problem with the way I've built the stairs? Perhaps there's another problem I've introduced?


I've had this issue a few times now in different projects so I'm hoping it is a common user error with a simple solve. However, I haven't been able to find anyone else asking this question. 

stairwell opens to sky.jpg

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Hi David,


I can share the plan, but bear in mind that when I shut it and reopened just now, the problem was not there. The walls around the stairs were now filled in.(I had already tried shutting and reopening the application a few hours ago but that didn't fix it.) I closed and opened once more, I didn't change a thing, stairwell walls are gone again.


It'll be interesting to see if it's happening at anyone else's end. The randomness is a bit of an issue.




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I doubt that anyone wants to download a 7zip application just to open your plan file. Use windows zip file.


You say that you used a "floor" camera.  That could be the problem.

Use a "full" camera.

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I downloaded your plan, thank you for sharing it (I already have "7Zip).Your plan looks perfect in a Full Camera as Jo_Ann predicted. You ought to read the section of the Reference Manual on "Camera Types". The image you posted was probably using a "Floor Camera" which by default, only shows the floor on which it was created, excluding the upper and lower floors.




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