Variations in footings a slab plus piers


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I have learned with HD Pro it is best to draw the house with the defaults first. Then change the house to my specifications per local approving bodies.

I have read all the info on piers but I am at a loss. 

I need to take my engineers recommendations and draw them.

On a level site in a mine subsidence area we are allowed to have the garage on a slab but the house must be on piers.

 What material do I read to change the house to a pier construction but leave the garage set on a slab.

I know how to construct a house on piers.

I know how to do a house and garage on a slab.

I need help to have two different footing under the plan.


Garage on slab

House on pieres and they both in this case sit at "0" level on the terrain




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I did build the house on a slab first and selected garage then went to floor "0" the foundation layer and selected grade beam but it selects all the plan and will not let me just select just the house.

How did you do what you did in the plan photo above. 

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