custom library objects?


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I am using Home Designer Suite 2012. New to this program, but making progress. Looking for help in finding tutorials and or answers for the following.


I have the need to create custom stair railings/panels and other design details. I also need to locate or create a library of structural wood and steel columns. How does one create these custom elements/objects? All I see in the help info is how to add (not create) objects from the existing library and edit them.


Is it also possible to create different light fixtures that illuminate? the default light is a 6" recessed can, but I also need better pendants that shown in the "stock" library.


Thanks in advance for any help!

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 A good adjunct to Home Designer Software is Trimble's 3D Warehouse where objects made and shared by others can be selected and then imported into Home Designer software. These objects are free but quality control-checked by others than you.


In terms of your desire for custom stair railings, other than custom making your own using Trimble Sketch Up or a piece at a time, in Home Designer softare you have fewer choices unless you upgrade to Chief Architect Premier where greater creativity is then possible.


There is much you can do with what you have but it requires quite a bit of thinking out of the box (dialog boxes and settings).



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