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  1. pacs1963

    Coved ceilings?

    Thank you David. I do have sketchup pro. I did not realize I could import .skp files to HD Suite.
  2. pacs1963

    Coved ceilings?

    is it possible in home designer suite 2018 to create a coved wall to ceiling condition as shown in the attached photo? I tried using a coved molding , but I can't seem to modify the moldings' details to make it appear as a smooth transition. Thanks, Phil
  3. pacs1963

    custom library objects?

    I am using Home Designer Suite 2012. New to this program, but making progress. Looking for help in finding tutorials and or answers for the following. I have the need to create custom stair railings/panels and other design details. I also need to locate or create a library of structural wood and steel columns. How does one create these custom elements/objects? All I see in the help info is how to add (not create) objects from the existing library and edit them. Is it also possible to create different light fixtures that illuminate? the default light is a 6" recessed can, but I also need better pendants that shown in the "stock" library. Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. pacs1963

    Mid Century Modern Roof design

    Thanks much for the help. I will post results!
  5. pacs1963

    Mid Century Modern Roof design

    I'm using Home Designer Suite 2012 (I'm a rookie at this software) and would like to know how to put a butterfly roof on a contemporary style home such as the one in the attached photo. Any help is much appreciated, Thank you! Phil