Gable Roof won't build


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I have built a Garage (shed and workshop really) but I used the Garage room type for the first floor.  I have a foundation under it, with 24" stem walls, it's really wet here and I wanted the wood (treated) off the ground as much as possible.  I have added a second floor, with just lapped 2x6s over a center support beam to make the 1st floor Ceiling and act as the 'floor' as it will be just storage space with 3/4" plywood floor covering.  My second story has the walls built (just 36" high, as I said just planning on it being storage).  I have nothing marked as 'roof over this room' except for the 2nd floor.  I have the 2 end walls marked as "full gable walls" with the 2 walls perpendicular marked as hip walls.  When I go to build my roof planes and framing, things look right but no roof builds.  I've tried auto, I've just checked the manual 'build roof planes' but I can't get the roof to build on the 2nd floor walls.  I *can* however, get the roof to build on top of floor one's walls, where it is drawn right through the 2nd floor 3' walls (not ideal).  Not sure what I'm missing or have done wrong.  I've read all the help pages I could find, tried it dozens of times, even deleted the whole garage and rebuilt it 3 times now, still stuck in the same spot.  Any pointers are appreciated.  I'm using Homedesigner Pro 2020.

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15 hours ago, DavidJPotter said:

You did not mention what software title or version you are using (you should, in the future, do so). It helps other help you more effectively.  Hope this helps



I put at the end that I was using HomeDesigner Pro 2020, should I put more?  Also, YOU MADE ME A VIDEO, THAT WAS AWESOME!!!  David, thanks for the video, you pointed out a few things that I have since changed.


@Jo_Ann  That was it, so attics don't do roofs, I will remember that.  All the time and that was it, it just seemed like it was an attic space so I labeled it that. 


This is, also, my very first project.  


Thanks you two for the help!  


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