Slab Foundation Under Brick Exterior Wall


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Is there a way to control how a slab generates under a wall with brick veneer? HD auto-builds the monolithic slab to extend past the stud wall to the edge of the brick veneer. In North AL, contractors build the slab to align with the exterior edge of the stud walls and let the brick sit down on the footer and they want the see the foundation dimensions match the dimensions of the framing above. In my plan the slab dimensions all appear to be 4" too far due to the slab building to the edge of the brick. 


In the foundation layer, HD appears to generate a line that is aligned with the stud above; however, I can't get any of the dimension tools to snap to that line. I'm looking to either:

1) find a way to build the slab to not extend past the framing

2) leave the slab as is, but show the proper dimension. 


In digging around, there doesn't seem to be any settings that control slab alignment under the above layer the same way there are for normal foundation walls. As usual, I feel like there is something simple I'm probably missing. If there's no setting to control this type of thing, I guess I can always change to siding walls and use the material painter to generate the brick look. 

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I ran into this problem not too long ago.  What I discovered was that my contractors actually preferred the measurements to go to the outside of the slab including the brick ledge.  In my area (North Mississippi) the contractors I use a pre-built brick box that attaches inside the slab formwork.  They were having to do add the brick box dimension to the plan dimensions when forming the slab.  After talking to one of my contractors I started doing my plans to include the brick box therefor saving them a step on site.


The problem then was that one contractor uses a 5" brick box and others use a 6".  This required me being able to control the brick ledge dimension.  The solution, which Eric explained very well, was to go into the wall set up and change the air pocket dimension until the brick and air pocket together equaled whatever dimension I want the brick ledge to be.  If I know what contractor I'm using for a particular job, I will draw the plans to match his brick box.  If I don't know, or the homeowner has someone they want to use, I am careful to make a note on the foundation plan that states what size brick ledge I am using. 


Look back in my last few posts to find Eric's tutorial on this process.

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