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  1. Thanks. I will give it a try. I usually try to get as much done as I can with Auto Roofs before switching over to manual. I was hoping to get the returns in automatically.
  2. Anyone have any idea why one side of my roof return disappeared? I have made some changes and gone back to auto roofs but earlier when I changed the roof pitch on the front gable to 12:12, both sides of the roof return disappeared. Am I missing something?
  3. I'm searching for a way to have items display on a different layer. Specifically, I want an attic wall from a dormer to display on the attic layer instead of the second floor. (Solver you mentioned this before but I have been unable to find a way to do this) Another instance is when I turn a weight bearing wall into a foundation wall to produce a footing, I would like the footing to display on the foundation layer instead of in the floorplan. Wes
  4. Very helpful Eric. Thanks. The dormer fix video showed me I had to extend the wall, break it, and then change the extension to an attic wall with "roof cuts wall at bottom" selected. My last question is can these attic walls be turned off in plan view? I need the exterior attic wall to display for clarity but having the dormer walls show like they are extending into the room will be confusing for the framers.
  5. Finally able to attach. I want to fill in the hole circled.
  6. That is the tutorial that I referenced. For some reason It wont let me attach another photo to demonstrate my issue. I want the dormer wall height set to just above a window but without affecting the room ceiling height. Then I want the exterior wall to extend and fill in the space between the dormer roof and the main roof without extending below the ceiling.
  7. I am having trouble placing a dormer. I would like to place a dormer over the walls I have circled in the glass house view attached. I want a shed roof along the lines of the attached section. I get all of the normal "walls in the way" or "can't locate wall to support dormer" warnings when trying to place an auto dormer. So I figure I will have to build it manually. I figured out how to create a roof opening (thanks to EricOn's tutorial) and can get the walls to extend through the roof. The problem is getting the walls to extend up the roof to the point where the shed roof meets the main roof without having to extend the wall below the ceiling. I also want to lower the ceiling in the dormer to just above the window and slope up at 3:12 pitch. This will be a hunting lodge and the client wants a sleeping loft for his grandkids. Arinder.plan
  8. Anyone know how to get rid of the dormer protrusions in the photo? I assume they are part of the attic or something because they don't show up in the photo views.
  9. Thank you for the direction Eric. I had seen that setting but never used it until I researched it. Luckily I still had auto rebuild roofs on so it was as simple as raising the roof 24". I did have to go back and turn auto rebuild roofs off so I could lower the porch roof.
  10. I'm trying to raise the exterior wall height and therefor the roof of the house in the screenshot to the blue line approximately. I cannot raise the ceiling height in the room dialogue because it effects the second floor. I need the ceilings to stay the same so the second floor will be unaffected. I can manipulate the wall height by moving its polyline in an elevation view but then how do I get the roof to follow so that it sits on the exterior wall top plate?
  11. The easiest way I've found is to draw a single ceiling plane over the room you want to lower. Select the plane once it's drawn to open the dialogue. Set the slope to 0 degrees and lock the slope. Then set your ceiling height and apply.
  12. I got it manually. Added an attic wall. All it took was a little time. Thanks for listening.
  13. I can get pretty close making alterations to the roof manually but how do I fill the gable I created with a wall?
  14. Attached is the general shape of a house I'm working on. I want to make the roof left of the center section match the roof on the right side. I want to add a small gable to the portion indicated with the blue lines. I haven't had much luck with the 'draw gable line' tool. Any suggestions?ztest.plan
  15. I had not tried manually building the roof to go around the wall. I'll try that. Thanks.
  16. I'm working on an existing structure and having trouble getting this wall to build correctly. With "roof cuts wall at bottom" checked, the wall builds like the attached picture. With it unchecked, the two sections of the wall swap from unbuilt to built and vice-versa. Any suggestions? Wes Mims Home Designer Pro 2021
  17. If I make those hips, the whole gable over the main structure disappears. I think it needs the area b for aesthetics. I may try to make the front gable narrower to avoid that corner. It may be fixed by raising the roof baseline. I will try that. Materials are also acting weird in this project. I had my walls set for the lighter brick that shows in the gable but somehow it keeps showing the red brick on the lower walls and I'm having trouble changing materials.
  18. My client wants the gable (area A) on the front of this house to be open with a heavy beam sunburst. However, when I open the room dialogue and turn on "use soffit as ceiling", the walls in area B disappear. I figure it has something to do with the two porch walls facing the center of the house but I can't figure out how to fix it. Any suggestions?
  19. I started with the software to draw spec houses that my business partner and I are also building. We also build custom homes, most of which I have been drawing the plans for as well. Efficiency is most definitely what I seek. As you can imagine between designing, building, and a full time job as a fireman, spare time is short. I will most likely take advantage of the update next year and might consider premier.
  20. Excellent instructions as usual. I noticed that when you cut your section, it showed trusses and joists. Is that something that Pro will do? Am I just missing the settings?
  21. I had never read anything about the Ignore Top Floor option. Thank you for pointing that out. I will try that out. I managed to work out my matching ridge line manually using your tutorial.
  22. So how would you add a bonus room under the existing roof without the program automatically raising the roof? All the tutorials I have seen say you have to turn off auto rebuild roofs to make that happen.
  23. Another great tutorial Eric, thanks. However, I am needing to move the other ridge to match the one you moved. You are correct that was a garage and there will be a bonus room when I get the roof figured out. That's the most frustrating thing about this program. When I get ready to add a bonus room, I have to turn off auto build roofs. Therefore, when I need to make changes to the first floor, I have to make roof changes manually. Which is not always easy. I always try to get the layout of the house as close to complete as possible and then try to get the roof how I need it so I don't have to make changes to the roof later. Wes
  24. A plan view. Ridge A needs to line up with Ridge B.
  25. I figured if I matched the baseline below Ridge 1 to the baseline below Ridge 2, the ridges would then be equal.