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  1. I had never read anything about the Ignore Top Floor option. Thank you for pointing that out. I will try that out. I managed to work out my matching ridge line manually using your tutorial.
  2. So how would you add a bonus room under the existing roof without the program automatically raising the roof? All the tutorials I have seen say you have to turn off auto rebuild roofs to make that happen.
  3. Another great tutorial Eric, thanks. However, I am needing to move the other ridge to match the one you moved. You are correct that was a garage and there will be a bonus room when I get the roof figured out. That's the most frustrating thing about this program. When I get ready to add a bonus room, I have to turn off auto build roofs. Therefore, when I need to make changes to the first floor, I have to make roof changes manually. Which is not always easy. I always try to get the layout of the house as close to complete as possible and then try to get the roof how I need it so I don't have to make changes to the roof later. Wes
  4. A plan view. Ridge A needs to line up with Ridge B.
  5. I figured if I matched the baseline below Ridge 1 to the baseline below Ridge 2, the ridges would then be equal.
  6. I have attached a plan that I am working on and I'm trying to get the roof planes as close as I can to what I want with Auto Build Roofs. However, I would like for Ridge A to match Ridge B. The problem I'm having is even finding the baseline for the roof plane to the front of Ridge A since it ends at a point. Any suggestions? Also any help with why my walls wont fill in the gables correctly would be appreciated. Wes Mims Martin.plan
  7. I solved the problem of not being able to select the room upstairs by clicking on the gable wall upstairs and unchecking the box "no room definition".
  8. I read that tutorial but it is set up with the exterior wall extending and raising the roof to achieve the upstairs wall height.
  9. Ok. I can add the walls on the second floor but I still cant select the room or define a ceiling height.
  10. That may answer my question. I have been adding walls in the attic. Let me work on that for a few minutes.
  11. I can place the walls in the attic and choose to stop at ceiling above. But how do I make the walls 4' on the interior? I can't select the walls in a section in order to move it.
  12. I'm trying to add a bonus room over the garage of the attached floor plan. I want to add the bonus room without altering the current roof. I want the side walls added where they meet the roof at 4' and the flat ceiling height at 8'. This seems to be a simple concept but I'm having a little trouble accomplishing it. I have searched the forum as well as Solver's youtube channel. The video tutorials from the website only shows stand alone garages with taller exterior walls that raise the roof. Any help would be appreciated. Davenport.plan
  13. Outstanding tutorial. I would have never guessed custom backsplash for that. Much easier than a box. Thanks, Wes
  14. I have a client who is wanting a detail in her gable similar to the attached photo. Can anyone direct me to a tutorial or have any suggestions for the easiest way to build these in the software? I have tried using a closed box without success and it has proven to be tedious.
  15. Thanks Eric. I had to respond to the Louisiana Coast for the hurricane and then on to vacation. Sorry for the delay. This was a great help. I managed to build both the gable (8 in 12) and the shed roof (4 in 12) and I'm really close. The only thing left is figuring out the crickets. They are confusing to me. William New Roof.plan
  16. I need roof help again. I have been getting better with my roof editing skills and had gained a little confidence.....until today. Attached is a plan I finished for a customer last month. Today I received the attached photo. They are wanting to add the gable and a shed roof over the front porch covered with metal. I made a few attempts tonight but haven't figured it out yet. How would you go about accomplishing this? Wes William.plan
  17. I wanted to take a second to thank the both of you for taking the time to help me the other day. I finally got things figured out and have attached the finished model. Eric, I used a automatic dormer, exploded it, and made the necessary changes and that worked out pretty well. Thank you for the tutorial. I hope to have some time for practice soon where I can try building the manual dormer as you showed. I look forward to a live online roof class from Chief Architect. Butler_Plan.plan
  18. This is what happens when I try to apply a lower and upper pitch to my roof. Butler_Roof.plan
  19. I have attached my latest save. I have everything worked out with the exception of the roof over the porch. Butler_Plan.plan
  20. You've accomplished exactly what I want in a relatively short amount of time. I've spent the same amount of time searching and watching tutorials and still don't know how to do it.
  21. I also need that higher ridge line to extend over the great room because she wants a vaulted ceiling. I have really enjoyed learning most of this program with the distinct exception of the roof platform. It's very frustrating for me.
  22. The customer wants the brick painted white. I just haven't changed the materials yet. I would like to learn your technique for making the gable in the center of the house. Did you build the roof manually or auto? Your model is what I was trying to achieve with the addition of the gable over the front porch.
  23. Great tutorial. To the point and simple. That's exactly what I'm trying to accomplish. I guess my only question would be how can I raise the top plate of the front wall without raising the interior ceiling height. This would give me more slope over the front porch. This detail is in every picture the customer sends me from Pinterest. She wants that farmhouse look.
  24. I'm sorry I'm having trouble getting a screenshot but I attached the new plan with the changes. I'm trying to make the shed roof over the porch so that the rafters will rest on the front wall of the house. Butler_Plan.plan
  25. I got it. I had to draw the room divider on the first floor. Thank you.