Lowered Garage floor and upstairs walls changed???


Wall Height Changes  

  1. 1. To lower a floor without changing the rest of the plan

    • To have walls lower with the lowering of a room to a garage
    • 1st floor walls become higher when I lowed the garage floor

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Mmmm I selected the room to become a garage

I lowered the floor height

I selected Monolithic slab as there was no other choice.


When I did the wall of the garage now has a gab at the point of the original floor height and the terrain. 

When I select the wall it will not allow me to pull it down.

I need the wall to sit on the slab.



The 1st floor walls increased in height.


I do not understand why the upstairs {1st floor walls} became higher.




Many Thanks Robyn

HD pro

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I just took a quick look -- need to get back to work, but I noticed the garage has 2 settings reversed.


The first should be a negative number, and the second is normally 0 for a garage.


Don't know what any of your values should be, and I don't think in metric! :)



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