Hood crown molding

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You can place a soffit where you wish the molding to be (soffits are multi-purpose objects you can easily customize and use for purposes other than as a "soffit"). Soffits can have a molding attached to their edges for easily adding a molding to a fixed symbol. Symbols can be resized but not otherwise altered or given a different category.



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You should have started a new thread for your question.

Suite does not allow you to add molding to soffits or  wall cabinets.
However, you might be able to work around this.

The plan template you chose to begin with,  evidently does not offer a wall cabinet with crown molding.  But other plan templates, DO.

Open a 'new' plan (try the 'Traditional' template) and vertically tile it beside your current plan.
Place a wall cabinet in the 'Traditional' plan.  COPY this cabinet.

Make your current plan  the active  plan, go to the top tool bar and edit/paste the copied cabinet into your plan.  You can then alter the cabinet door to the style you want, either through it's dialog box door tab, or from the library cabinet doors.

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