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  1. Hi I am in Home Designer Suite 2017. I am not able to resize the glass wall or move it onto the knee wall. Is it just my version?
  2. Hi - my upper cabinets have no crown. They are 36" high. Ceilings are 96". I have put a soffit above the uppers, but can't figure out how to add the crown.
  3. KLSmith

    Specialty Storage

    Thanks - this is helpful. I tried to do the wine rack by putting a wall cabinet on top of the base cabinet counter. I could never get the face of the wine rack on the front of the box. It was labeled that it was on there, but it never showed in the camera view.
  4. KLSmith

    Specialty Storage

    Hi I am on Home Designer Suite 2017. I am trying to design a dry bar. I have a wine refrigerator at the end of a run of base cabinets, but I cannot figure out how to have the counter top extend over it, since I cannot put the fridge in a base cabinet. Also, I have a wall cabinet over the wine fridge that is 18" high and sits on where the counter should be (36" AFF) and I would like to make it a wine rack. The wine rack in the library browser shows as being in in the plan view, but it doesn't show in the full camera view. I also want to put in a mail sorter that would be on top of t
  5. How can I paint only the space between the lowers and uppers a different color than the rest of the room? I can't figure out how to make the space white.
  6. Darn - katalyst77 - you are right! Wish I had the bazillion dollars to upgrade! ;-)
  7. I already have the dimensions set to surface. My issue is that when I measure a living room, I measure the windows casing to casing, so if I had a 30" window with 2 1/2" casings, the overall measurement is 35". That's what I'd like to show on my HD drawings, instead it is showing 30".
  8. Home Designer Suite 2017.
  9. I'd like some feedback on how you enter room dimensions. When I measure a real room that is going to be remodeled or decorated, I measure the windows and doors from casing to casing, and then I measure the walls between. One thing I don't like about Home Designer 2016 is that when I click on interior dimensions, it gives me the dimensions of just the sash or door, not including the casing. Does anyone know how to tell it to show the overall dimension that includes the casing? Any tips are appreciated.