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Several years ago I upgraded to Architectural Home Designer from an old Broderbund product.  I brought drawings from that old product over and have consistently run into odd errors, most of which have disappeared over various upgrades.  However, there is one error message that persists:


c:\p4sync\dev\releases\21.2\chief\camodel\cabinet\cabinet.cpp(1394): Warning #272003803

"A zero width cabinet has had its width changed to one inch (2.5 cm)."

7/18/2019 1:10:37 PM



No matter what I do, I cannot find that damn cabinet to delete it from the plan.  There seems to be no way to locate it, and I'm tired of getting this message every time I open the plan.  To try to start over from scratch on this 4500 sf home would be a chore of mammoth proportions, especially as I need it to develop renovation plans in several areas.


There is no such directory on my C: drive as p4sync.  There is no file on the drive called cabinet.cpp.  Any suggestions as to where or how I might find that damned cabinet?


Thank you so much!

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Have you tried selecting and then deleting all the cabinets?


It should be obvious which ones to put back.


Select all cabinets, Cut and Paste into a new plan. Select the good ones and put them back (paste hold position?).

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Legacy plan files are by default problematic, especially in terms of materials and symbols, due to the changing programming of those objects from version to version. The first thing I do when opening and working on a legacy plan is to start from scratch in "Edit - Default Settings" all categories and reassign materials to materials in my Library Browser, replacing older symbols with ones from my Library Browser. It takes a few minutes to do thoroughly but will have to be done sooner or later with old plans. It is what it is.



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