Creating Art Niches in walls?

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One of the keys to using this software is thinking about how one thing could become another.


A niche is basically a hole in a wall, with a back.


A Pass-Through is the hole -- I believe you could use a window too, as a Pass-Through is the same thing, and a Soffit or in my case a Partition becomes the back. Windows (Pass-Through) can have round or arched heads.


Learn the tools you have available. and think a bit outside the box.

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I use the Pass thru too for Art Niches as you need something that will "cut a hole" in the wall ,which a Shape or soffit alone wont do ,however I use a window and 2 soffits for the back , one facing each room for Shower Niches,as to get the Tile to wrap the sides (reduce frame to 1/4" and frame depth to -1/2" Frame) you have to assign tile as a material to the Frame which a Pass Thru doesn't allow you to alter ( at least in Pro 10) , usually I use this trick for a shower niche so one soffit has tile on it and the other soffit drywall eg facing the bedroom/hall on the other side. you also have to Turn off (suppress) the casing and sills in the Pass thru/window  DBX.






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