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Hi all where is the best explanation to be found  on understanding the materials list. I have set all my defaults to what I need.

In the materials list I buy my wall wraps by the roll. This program calls them thermal envelopes. In the drop down menu there is no offer of per roll.



Many Thanks Robyn

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A full discription of the "Materials List", its uses, disclaimers and limatations are fully covered starting on page 935 of the Reference Manual. On that page it states:


"The Materials List is based on certain

assumptions that may not match your
building style. Home Designer Pro makes no
representation as to the accuracy or reliability
of the Materials List generated by Home
Designer Pro. Always compare the Materials
List with a manual take-off before providing a
quote or ordering materials for a job."
This a round about way to say it is as accurate as you make it so by the veracity of your 3D model and your abiility to make the model (Plan file) perfectly emulate a real world construct, making no errors of any kind in doing so. (any errors that then contribute to inaccuacies are your responsibility).
I often use the Materials LIst but I NEVER depend upon it, I depend upon myself as to results.
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Thankyou and I get what you are saying. I always do a manual take off but would be great to have a list that gives me a ball part figure. Also my program in the 1990s gave me external and internal lineal meters of the frames does this program do that I cannot find frames on the list.

Also is there a description in the manual for what GN 1 and GN6 and so on is referring too.

Thanks Robyn

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