Walls and Ceilings wacky!

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Ok y'all...I know this is user error and it's probably a simple fix...but I have researched and watched countless help videos and can't figure out how to fix this...


I'm using Home Designer Pro 2018...


I was having problem with the gable roof, but a forum user helped me with that with step-by-step instructions...roof fixed, but then INTERIOR WALLS and CEILING in my great room/kitchen went wackadoo!


Please help me fix this so it's a vaulted ceiling from my front door all the way back to the back sliders...


The vaulted height is 14' ...


Please don't judge...I know there are other issues I need to fix...but one thing at a time, and for now, I'm stuck on this!


See pics and plan below...


Thank you in advance!








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I took a quick look at your plan, and want to suggest you are getting ahead of yourself worrying about the roof and ceilings when there is so much that needs to be corrected first.


I'm referring to walls that are not aligned, and dimensions that should be changed. Strive for 1/2" as the smallest fraction, and whole numbers are preferred. Your master closet, with hanging on 3 sides will only give you about a 10" isle, and there are other things.


Not knowing anything about you, the house, or your building site, I'd be thinking about something like this.


By changing the orientation of the center of the house, you get far more light, and far better views out the back





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Ok, I watched ceiling plane video and followed steps, but it still didn't work.  What's happening is the ceiling that's in there now is following the weird angles of the gable roof where the two "wings" on either side of the house connect.


So, I tried joining those ceiling planes and it really went haywire.


I know this is my limited (very limited) knowledge and someone out there could fix it in two seconds, but I need to know how to fix it so I will understand for next time!



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1 minute ago, Tlcurtis2a said:

Ok, I watched ceiling plane video and followed steps, but it still didn't work. 


What didn't work?


Here I draw in a ceiling plane, copy and reflect it about the center, then join it at the ridge.




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Another something to consider is how the roof will be built. 


Your interior ceilings should reflect the bottom of the roof framing. Scissor trusses are common for a vaulted ceiling, so the ceiling plane would have a different pitch than the roof.

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Thank you solver!  The video helped big time---I did that, but for some reason, when I did it, mine didn't work.  


So...I watched your video over and over and did it step by step and it worked!  


Sigh.  Wish I had a private tutor on this program!

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These are some of the wall alignment issues.





Grab the back wall of the master bedroom and drag it across to the back wall on the other side of the house. You will see they don't align, and I imagine they should.


Consider furniture placement too. In the bedrooms, the beds will need to go against the bathroom walls -- not the best place, and where will other furniture go?


Imagine yourself using the toilet in the master with the door closed. There is not enough room to stand up without opening the door.




Not trying to bash your work, just suggesting that you work through everything as you go.

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Now that you have the vaulted ceiling fixed, look at the front and back attic walls of the gable...they are NOT 'aligned with the floor below'.   Then look at those 4 large triangular windows...they are set as triple casement instead of 'fixed glass'.
You might want to take a look at the framing overview now, and see how it changed with the added ceiling planes.
Then there's the basement.  Yikes.  
The very FIRST thing you should do right now (and it was mentioned before) is to DELETE the 'out there in space' railing wall to the front right of the house.  It is causing your 3d orbital camera to malfunction.   Zoom the floor plan way out (1st floor) and you will see a tiny black speck.  Select and DELETE.

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Y'all, I'm not sensitive, so don't worry about trashing my work!  I don't know this program AT ALL!!!  I know there are so many things not right, and I appreciate all the help I can get.  


I see that things aren't lined up and not right, but a lot of my issues are not knowing HOW to fix them!  I watch videos, I read the help pages and still don't "get" it.  


Sometimes when I try to drag the walls out to "match", they snap back and I can't figure out why.  I even look at my snap settings.


If there was an online course for this program, or even in a classroom somewhere, I would sign up right away!  


Even if there were someone in my area (Smoky Mountains) I would pay them to private tutor me!


Thank y'all...I really do appreciate the help!  Going to try to work on these issues today.

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A bit on aligning walls. You can click YouTube at the lower right after the video starts to watch full size on YouTube.


I forgot to show in the video that the center room has a different (not the default) ceiling height. It's 109", and everywhere else is the default of 109.125". This 1/8" changes how the roof builds.


My guess is that working one-on-one with someone would be better for you.



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Oh gosh, Solver!  I just watched the video where you fixed everything that wasn't aligned.  


Can you attach the floor plan file so I can use it instead of my messed up one, or is that not allowed?


Rookie question :-) 


Thank you!

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7 minutes ago, Tlcurtis2a said:

Can you attach the floor plan file so I can use it instead of my messed up one, or is that not allowed?


I could, but then you would not learn. ;) Anyway, I don't usually save others files unless I make major changes.


If you will be designing these for your husband to build, what I showed in the video should become automatic.

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