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  1. Oh gosh, Solver! I just watched the video where you fixed everything that wasn't aligned. Can you attach the floor plan file so I can use it instead of my messed up one, or is that not allowed? Rookie question :-) Thank you!
  2. Thank you so much! I appreciate the help!
  3. Y'all, I'm not sensitive, so don't worry about trashing my work! I don't know this program AT ALL!!! I know there are so many things not right, and I appreciate all the help I can get. I see that things aren't lined up and not right, but a lot of my issues are not knowing HOW to fix them! I watch videos, I read the help pages and still don't "get" it. Sometimes when I try to drag the walls out to "match", they snap back and I can't figure out why. I even look at my snap settings. If there was an online course for this program, or even in a classroom somewhere, I would sign up right away! Even if there were someone in my area (Smoky Mountains) I would pay them to private tutor me! Thank y'all...I really do appreciate the help! Going to try to work on these issues today.
  4. Thank you solver! The video helped big time---I did that, but for some reason, when I did it, mine didn't work. So...I watched your video over and over and did it step by step and it worked! Sigh. Wish I had a private tutor on this program!
  5. Ok, I watched ceiling plane video and followed steps, but it still didn't work. What's happening is the ceiling that's in there now is following the weird angles of the gable roof where the two "wings" on either side of the house connect. So, I tried joining those ceiling planes and it really went haywire. I know this is my limited (very limited) knowledge and someone out there could fix it in two seconds, but I need to know how to fix it so I will understand for next time! Anyone?
  6. Thank you! I've never used a CAD program before -- watching videos and fumbling my way through it. I appreciate your help and feedback!
  7. I don't know how...should I just search ceiling planes?
  8. Ok y'all...I know this is user error and it's probably a simple fix...but I have researched and watched countless help videos and can't figure out how to fix this... I'm using Home Designer Pro 2018... I was having problem with the gable roof, but a forum user helped me with that with step-by-step instructions...roof fixed, but then INTERIOR WALLS and CEILING in my great room/kitchen went wackadoo! Please help me fix this so it's a vaulted ceiling from my front door all the way back to the back sliders... The vaulted height is 14' ... Please don't judge...I know there are other issues I need to fix...but one thing at a time, and for now, I'm stuck on this! See pics and plan below... Thank you in advance! Tracey NICOHA_-_ROOF_FIX_-_floor_plan.plan
  9. Hey Jo Ann - I can't find my original message to you (and pics) showing what the ceiling did once I followed the steps to fix the roof (which worked, thank you!).  Did you see it last week on your feed?

  10. JoAnn--your instructions worked to fix the gable roof--thank you so much!  It looks (from the outside) how we want it to look, but there's something weird going on now on the inside with my walls.  Honestly, saying I'm a "beginner" with this program is an understatement.  If you can look at the file below and zoom in through the window, you'll see what I mean by what's going on in the living area.  

    Also, if you look at the framing view, there's something weird there too--and I need to send to get an estimate on trusses.  

    I would appreciate any help/advice you can give!

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    2. Jo_Ann


      Not sure what you mean about the walls, unless you are referring to the vaulted ceiling?

      It's always best to post a pic on the forum, explaining exactly what is wrong, and where.

    3. Tlcurtis2a


      The roof fixed how we want it (according to your instructions), but then something weird happened to my ceiling in the great room/kitchen.  It was just a vaulted ceiling, but now the side walls look like they have a vault or gable (from the inside) and I don't know how to fix that!

      ceiling problem.jpg

      roof - fixed.jpg

    4. Tlcurtis2a


      The roof fixed how we want it (according to your instructions), but then something weird happened to my ceiling in the great room/kitchen.  It was just a vaulted ceiling, but now the side walls look like they have a vault or gable (from the inside) and I don't know how to fix that!


      Hey Jo_Ann

      Do these pics make sense in trying to see what happened to my ceiling walls in the great room?

      Thanks for your help!


  11. Thank you all. I had to walk away from the computer, but I'm going to try these fixes now. Will let you know how it goes...or pay someone to fix it!!!
  12. We want a full gable over the middle section - my husband said it's wrong how the roof on the wings on each side are coming across the center. He wants from the front door all the way to the back deck to be a full gable and then the wings to attach. I'm using Home Designer Pro 2018---I don't know what you mean by me being confusing saying "Chief Architect". I thought that was who designed this program I'm using. I'm a newbie...if you'll help me out with lingo and rules, I'll do my best to catch on. I'm attaching plan file. Thank you in advance for your help. NICOHA_-_ROOF_FIX.plan
  13. Using CA Homedesigner Pro 2018 I need help with this roof please! My degree is in Interior Design (way back before we had CAD programs) and my hubby is a Contractor. We just moved to TN and are going to build cabins. I am NEW to Chief Architect, have watched the training videos and am stumbling my way through this program. Here is what I need... The entire roof plane over the middle section of the house to be a FULL gable, 9/12 pitch and then the sides on each wing to come in at a 5/12 pitch. The middle living area is a vaulted ceiling and the wings of the house are 9' ceilings. I can't figure out how to do this without messing up the entire roof. We need to get a truss quote soon and I have to get this fixed! Any help is greatly appreciated -- see pics below Tracey
  14. Thanks, y'all for all the help! I'm going to try your suggestions now!
  15. Thanks for the replies, but I'm so new at this and even though I've watched a ton of videos, I still can't figure out how to get the roof back. I can't hit the "back" button enough times to get it back over the house because I've done too many steps in between. I'm using HomeDesigner Pro 2018 and I think I added that to my signature (?)---still trying to learn the "rules". I didn't do the auto roof because we changed it to do gables and a cathedral ceiling in the main area of the cabin. It took forever to do! Can you tell I'm frustrated?! What can I do from this point to get the roof (and attic walls) to get back on top of the house? When I go to my floor plan view and try to select it, it always picks up other objects/items and really messes things up. Thanks for any help!