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Hi, new user here - Home Designer Suite 2015.


I am trying to set up the design of an 1850s farmhouse that i recently purchased and am having trouble with the number of floors.  The attached image shows a basic two-story house with 10.5:12" roof pitch, with a 1st floor, a very short 2nd floor, and Attic.  What I would like to be able to create is a house with that geometry, but remove the attic floor (or 2nd story ceiling), resulting in a 2nd story with approx. 3 ft vertical walls where the sloping roof forms the overhangs.  I think this is known as a 1.5-story home...?  I have tried numerous ways to do this, but am stuck - I am missing something obvious I am sure.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, toller65



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:) apparently everyone is building Cape Cod (1.5 storey) Style houses this week ....


search Cape Cod on the forum and old Forum too for some good links if the Tut. above doesn't help.


Though your Framing pic makes it look like you are there already ?




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