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In E I want my default to be 2400mm  (8Feet)

As my T&G flooring sits under the wall frames

In F I want my defaut to be 2420mm ( 8feet 7.87inches)

But then the program changes B and E to 2440

Then A sets automatically to 2565mm

I do not have ceiling linning as the Joists and flooring on the above floor are Dressed All Round Timbers.

If I uncheck celing over this room the second floor disapears.

If you are able to answer I would be most grateful.

Because  the program is reseting my design in this case. I need to know :

Is  it unimportant to the finised design. please let me know.

If I am being thick as a brick and missing something Please let me know.

Builders and owner builders for 24 years  always comment that my designs are not ever even 1mm out and I would like that to remain the case.

If someone has the time please have a look at the attached photo and get back to me.

Many Thanks Robyn



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