HELP! Windows 8.1 and can't update

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I received notice today there is an update for my Home Designer Essentials program.

I downloaded the update and proceeded to run it.

Then I hit a snag.


I have Windows 8.1 on my computer. I know, really dumb. 


But I have never had a problem downloading any of the Chief Architect or Home Designer products before.


When I click on the program in my Downloads Folder, I receive the pop up, see attached photo.


I have looked at changing the Compatibility on Windows 8,.1 under this heading: "Make older programs compatible with this version of Windows"


But, this update ISN'T an older program, is it?


Can anyone please advise?


Thanks to all who participate in this forum; ya'll are great and I appreciate us all working to help each other out!


Thank you to those who can help me in this particular situation.






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The update is for Home Designer 2015 products, so if you have one of those titles and had that problem updating one of those you should contact Chief Architect Inc Tech support so they can help you.



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The file may just be corrupt , you could try downloading it again... but I'd still contact support as it maybe corrupt on their end.

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