How to model this roof?


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Hi everyone,


Back to experimenting with HD for some home projects... I am planning on doing some interior work as well as landscaping / hardscaping design and think this package might work.


I'm jumping around a bit, but trying to figure out how to model this roof, specifically, how to make part of the house where the roof is longer (sloping surface is closer to ground on one side of the roof than the other) - also how to create the join above the front door where it interesects two other roofs if possible. I'm not changing anything with the roof, but would really like to learn how to model this...


I've attached a few Google Earth snaps of the house and also a Street view of the front.


Any help really appreciated!









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19 minutes ago, LawB10 said:

Without knowing what HD software you are using and just from the pics alone.  I'd say build a 2nd floor and gable the roofs, create an entry on the 1st floor and

gable the side walls, the room above the entry is not gabled.


Thanks - but I'm not sure how to make the roof sides different lengths. (See attached)


(edit)  Or, to look at it another way, how to make the walls different heights :)



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