New to Home Designer—issues with sizing windows and positioning where I want them


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I'm just getting started with Home Designer and I'm running into a few snags. When I place a window on a wall and then try to resize it, instead of just moving on one side, both sides go in or out at the same time. I can't seem to place it in a specific position (ie. 36" from a wall) and then size it from the other side. I wonder if something in my Settings or Defaults is set wrong or it this how the program works and I just don't know enough? I'd appreciate any suggestions on what I may be doing incorrectly.



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After you have resized the window, select it.

The distance between the window and the wall should be displayed.

Click on this distance, and the distance will be highlighted and in a box.

Enter the exact distance that you want, and your window will move.

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