foundation : beam pockets / anchor bolts/sill plates


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hpro 2017 

                 how would i creat a cutout in the foundation wall for a beam 


                 is there a way to place anchor bolts for the sill plate on the foundation wall - are there any anchor bolts in the library & if so where 


                 when i use a cross section camera i can not see any sill plates , is there a diffrent camera veiw i need to use , or is a layer turned off



Thank you 

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Software creates a virtual 3D model. Details like showing beam pockets and or a cross section of a stem wall that might show a beam pocket, j-bolts, bottom and top plates, wall studs are created in a cross section camera (usually a back-clip cross section camera view) then 2D CAD objects are added to that view to represent beams, beam pockets, j-bolts, framing is added to such a view by building framing and turning on the "framing" layer in display options. You cannot actually cut a beam pocket but you can make it look like you  have in plan and cross section views and is commonly done as I have described above. A set if plans is a graphic communication, not a virtual actuality, it is intended to communicate the actual but again, no one is going to live in a virtual home.



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