Bonus catalogue makes HD crash


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I use Home Designer Pro 2017 on Mac.


I have used the software for about 20 hours. It works without a flaw, masterfully designed, stable and never chrashes.  The Home Designer Core Catalog works well - no problems.


I just installed a bonus content catalog from the Home Designer web site called "Vehicles". It is free, and installed as it should. I imported a bicycle from the catalog. It immediately froze the screen. Not possible to pan or rotate in 3D view - or to delete the imported object. I managed saving the plan. Reopened it and Home Designer told me it experienced a serious error. Luckily I had a fresh backup so I did not loose too much of my work. I immediately deleted the Vehicles catalog.


My question is: Should I be sceptical to the bonus catalogues. Is what I experienced an isolated event or should I expect trouble when trying to use them. is there not a QA process for those cataloges from the Home Designer team?


It would be great to heare other experiences with those catalogues.

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