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  1. No, I have not found that button anywhere.
  2. It is the Home Designer Pro 2016 User's Guide page 188, see attached clipout of the relevant section.
  3. Thanks Eric, Attached is a corresponding screendump from my software. As you can see, the Fillet All Corners button is missing.
  4. I use HD Pro for Mac. I am trying to create a layout template and are following the tutorial for layouts. I am creating a rectangular polyline and are following instructions to create fillet corners (page 188 in the user guide). After setting the Fillet Radius I am instructed to select the polyline an click the "Fillet All Corners" button. I was expecting to see that button next to the Fillet Radius button but did not find it there. After using 15 minutes now to find it I must conclude that it is hidden quite well or even disappeared totally. Have anyone an idea where it could be?
  5. I use Home Designer Pro 2017 on Mac. I have used the software for about 20 hours. It works without a flaw, masterfully designed, stable and never chrashes. The Home Designer Core Catalog works well - no problems. I just installed a bonus content catalog from the Home Designer web site called "Vehicles". It is free, and installed as it should. I imported a bicycle from the catalog. It immediately froze the screen. Not possible to pan or rotate in 3D view - or to delete the imported object. I managed saving the plan. Reopened it and Home Designer told me it experienced a serious error. Luckily I had a fresh backup so I did not loose too much of my work. I immediately deleted the Vehicles catalog. My question is: Should I be sceptical to the bonus catalogues. Is what I experienced an isolated event or should I expect trouble when trying to use them. is there not a QA process for those cataloges from the Home Designer team? It would be great to heare other experiences with those catalogues.
  6. This is a plan for a cottage with falling floor and ceiling levels in one direction of the L. As I understand from katalyst777 (thank you!) and my experiments with turning Auto Rebuild Roofs on/off, it appears to me that the best way to approach a plan is first to make the overall structure containing only main features. Next create the roof. Then turn Auto Rebuild Roofs off, and keep the roof fixed while you continue to build the interior details. Would you agree to such an overall approach?
  7. Hi, I use Home Designer Suite 2017 on Mac. I have a problem with a diagonal edge appearing in an L-shaped gable roof. The problem is explained in the four attached images: Fig 1. Standard L-shaped structre build according to the articel "L Shaped Structure with Full Gable Ends" on this site. Fig 2. I insert an interior wall along with the main roof ridge. This wall creates a new room. Fig 3. I elevate the ceiling of the new roof with a small amount. The unwanted edge appears. Fig 4. The structure seen from outside with the edge. The edge disappears when I move the wall break away from main roof ridge. The edge does not seem to have any physical or constructional meaning. Is this an error? Does anyone know of a way around this problem? Hope one of you experts can help me out ... Best regards, Erlend
  8. Thank you, I have looked through the product chooser repeatedly, but was unable to find this info in the list. In what section of the list? However, I assume that I must have access to layouts in order to create usabel construction documents. I.e. documents I will use to get my plan approved by the local construction authorities as well as documents to be used by the builder.
  9. Hi again, I purchased the Home Designer Suite and have created a plan for the cottage I want to build. I am able to create PDFs and printouts of the floor plan, but am unable to find out how to print a facade view. What I need is to print both the floor plan and facade views/cross sections that show relevant diminsioning for construction purposes. This is the minimum I need to build this thing correctly. What am I missing? Erlend
  10. Thanks a lot - I have also been in contact with chat. I will probalby start with the Suite
  11. Hi, I consider buying one version of Home Designer, but I seem not to be able find any answer to this basic question: After I finished creating my 3D constructions, are there any option to export construction drawings suitable to give to the builder/entrereneur. If so, which product do I need? Thanks, Erlend