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Like LawB10 said, you need to realign the front foundation wall of the garage. 

Drop to level 0, turn on 'reference floor' display.  Zoom in and drag that front foundation wall as close to align with wall above as you can get.  Then right click and select 'align with wall above' to let the software make an exact alignment.

Back on level 1, open the garage door dbx, and click 'ok'.  Like magic, the garage door will now cut into the concrete as expected.  :)

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I did the steps I indicated on the plan you submitted, without changing any of your existing settings.

If your garage door is not cutting the concrete, then the foundation wall must still not be aligned. 

Do a doll house view and zoom in on the floor area at the garage door (inside).  If there is no concrete wall beneath the exterior level 1 wall, then the garage door will only build within the exterior 1st floor wall  (because there is no concrete below to build into).


In your plan, it looks like there are a lot of your foundation walls that are not properly aligned.

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Are you trying to put a garage door in the basement?


Is there a reason that the floor structure is 20 3/4 " ?


Can you post a picture of what the problem is?


Lastly your gonna have to rebuild the foundation, it's not correct.


Save the plan as 1830 Ranch-1 and rebuild the foundation, then compare the numbers to the original plan.

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The trial version I am using is HD Pro 17,  and I fixed this using YOUR plan,  just like I said.

Did you change anything after you posted the plan?

You can always re-download the plan that you posted, and see if there is a difference.

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