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  1. Some may not think it's that complicated of a roof design but I'm working on a massive house. Can envision what it will look like but need some help on getting the roof designed and correct. Willing to pay for the help. e-mail @ if interested. Thank you!!
  2. I've read everything about story and half, just doesn't seem to be working out. Can someone please help me out? Thanks Hinrichs.plan
  3. Hi, did an auto dormer for bonus room above garage. It's putting the window at 7' off the floor. What am I doing wrong? Plan attached. Thank you Hinrichs.plan
  4. ok, yeah i will upgrade soon! Did you find any issues in the room heights? Thank you for your help!
  5. what the heck, that middle floor joist needs to go up. Would you mind posting it? Ridge still doesnt look centered. Thanks
  6. Eric, did that, still wants to put one 8" higher than the other.. See plan. and it want's to 45 the floor joists Hinrichs.plan
  7. wasn't building the framing, did that and checked rooms, still 8" off, I'll get it unless someone else has answer!
  8. yeah still messing with it, see my issue
  9. got it sweet, never mind
  10. ChiefuserLarkin

    Roof Help

    Hello all, doing a bonus room above garage, doing a manual gable roof and my peak isn't coming out correct. Checked my heights on the sidewalls and all jives, must be missing something. Any help would be appreciated. Plan attached. Thanks Jason Hinrichs.plan
  11. right I know that, tried the half wall option and gave it the specified height to match, same result. The 1 wall showing the problem is identical on the other side as well. Thought doing the half wall and specifying a height would fix it.
  12. In HD pro can you specify a wall height for a single wall or does it all have to be done through room spec? I've got a living area with 12' ceilings, deck out back which would be @ 12' as well. The deck roof should be higher than the lower roof. The dining wall and tile shower wall should be 12'. It's looking like this
  13. Is there a way to make the underside of gables look better than this? Thank you
  14. David, thank you, will look at the video when I have a chance!! Appreciate the help very much! Jason
  15. Hey everyone, I've spent some time trying to learn the manual roofs, I'm trying to get my roof to look like the picture I've attached. I've attached the floor plan and picture. I would appreciate any help! Thanks! Jason 1944 Ranch.plan
  16. Read the info on how to do it, just need a bit of help on how to get it all to work, along with the roof to look like the pic in link. Man, any help would definitely be appreciated and. I'd be willing to pay someone to teach me how to do it. See attached. Roof needs to look like the link. Thanks Jason 1885 Ranch.plan
  17. Ok thanks. Yeah technically it's not a real cantilever since floor joists don't span out. I'll try that
  18. Easiest way to create this? Just want window boxed out, not full cantilever out.
  19. Hello, I could always switch my paper size to 11x17 and do it to scale, now the program thinks the print source needs to still be 18x24 and it has 4 sheets now in the plot. WTF! Anyone ran into this before? I just did 8 11x17s the other day without this issue. Never had to mess with the print source before. See attachment. Thanks
  20. So I can get the concrete cutout on garage doors but not any service doors I add. thoughts? Thanks
  21. guys, know how to use the help for cripes sake. The break wall will only do the center of the wall or within 3 ft. of a corner thus not allowing the footing to extend like it should.
  22. The footage should be closer if this is true.