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  1. Yes I knew that but with as advanced as the program is a person still has to draw a polyline, break it many times to figure out the square footage! Should be a way simpler way!
  2. Ok so this is a tad confusing, obviously HD Pro and Chief give you a square footage. When it comes to the stairwell I don't include that since I found out the basement living includes the footage of the stairwell. So, what do most of you do, do the polyline sq. footage or use the programs? Does Chief use the "exterior" dimensions to get it's sq. footage? I've noticed on some instances the two numbers are way off. Thanks Jason
  3. How do you place the break? Thanks in advance.
  4. Won't it put the footing on the whole wall?
  5. The footing extends past the wall in real world construction, why does the program stop the footing short for a bearing wall? Thanks
  6. No go David on the default to 0". Basically want the casing around the whole window. Like this.
  7. Hello, I've got 6 windows banked together on front of a house above stairwell. It put the casing in between the windows but how do you add the casing just on the outside? Selecting exterior casing will put it around the whole window which i don't want. Using HD Pro 17, any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jason
  8. Some of the room dbx's didn't have the structure checked. Problem solved.
  9. Thanks Katalyst777!, will start a new thread next time.
  10. Yeah one of the room dbx's didn't have the default floor checked...boom fixed. Thank you
  11. Still haven't figured out when I build the floor joists it only does them in partial areas.
  12. Good point on landing, added that...long day..
  13. Door is above stairs into garage coming from deck. Why are the stairs showing above the door swing? Thanks Jason
  14. The floor to SWT was off, the floor was down by the footing. Set the floor to SWT to 4" and boom concrete cut. Jason
  15. so it worked on the downloaded plan. doesn't work on current plan...odd
  16. Ahh, you're using the trial version, got ya. yeah I'll try the plan I downloaded to see if that makes a difference. Thanks for the help
  17. I don't have the trial version, have HD Pro 17. Yep and wall/foundation lines up now. Followed the steps posted and still won't cut the concrete. Lesson learned, don't turn off auto rebuild foundation until main level completely set in stone.
  18. JoAnn, post my plan that you got it to work in. In the doll house view it shows concrete all the way up to where the garage door would be placed and cut. Everything is aligned. LawB10, the structure is correct now.
  19. and is auto rebuild foundation still off?
  20. Ugh tried that! Still doesn't cut the concrete and even if you remove the door and add a new one it still won't cut the concrete. When open the garage door dbx don't have to do anything but click ok?
  21. I unchecked room supplies floor and reset the defaults for the basement. Still doesn't fix the cutout for concrete. If you click aut rebuild foundation it wipes out all the interior framing walls.