Create this barn roof with widow peak?


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From the pic   your upper pitch is to low set it higher-- for the Prow you build a 2nd floor and build the Prow at the peak of the roof


Next you align the front wall with the 1st floor, and lower the Prow until it looks like one piece. Finally make the room open below and the

interior walls invisible and adjust the eave overhang.


Correction   exterior walls invisible  rear wall with the first floor.

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You have added straight walls to your prow.  These aren't needed unless you want them.


Open each prow wall dbx.  On the roof tab, first change the pitch to match the upper pitch of the gambrel roof.

Then check the 'high shed' option.

This should correctly place your roof.


Also, open the prow 'room' dbx.  Set the room as 'open below', then move to the structure tab.

Uncheck 'ceiling over this room' and put a check in 'use soffit for ceiling'.


Hopefully, your prow will now look good.  :)

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