random crashing on windows


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The most usual suspects are software drivers (mouse and video drivers). Update them both to the latest for each device. Secondly how full is your main hard drive (drive "C" on a PC), when a hard drive which contains the operating system becomes too full, it cannot be properly maintained (it becomes fragmented and cannot be defragmented due to lack of free space). Such a case is handled by removing unnecessary, unused applications which are merely "taking up space" and not actively contributing to your computing experience. This needs to be done carefully making sure that you know what each of the removed applications actually do being careful not to remove  often unused but vitally important applications. The most obvious candidates would be in the category of "bloat ware": games you do not play or use, applications added to your hard drive by your PC maker when you purchased the machine (they do this to help defray the cost of making the machine, charging application makers "advertising money" offering "Free Trial Versions" of various applications and internet services.


Finally one should by default take steps to protect one's PC or Mac from virus and malware, the most important steps are regular scanning for such objects and using common sense to not open suspicious e mails and not visiting questionable websites while browsing the internet.


So the solution is adopting a new Lifestyle relative to using a computer and regularly then maintaining good sound, safe practices using it.



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support was able to help problem was some program called nahimic

Hello Ania,

Thank you for submitting the software's Message Log and System Information files.  From examining this information, it looks like the most likely cause of the crashes you are seeing is an application called Nahimic.  As a test, can you follow the instructions below and let us know whether or not the crashes still occur after uninstalling this program?


  1. In Windows 10, click on the Start menu.
  2. Select Settings> System> Apps & features.
  3. Click on the " Nahimic for MSI " program from the list.
  4. Then select Uninstall.

no more crashes now

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