Simpler way to draw a shed dormer from point to point?


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I'm trying to add a shed dormer to an existing plan. I'd like the roof to start at the existing ridge line and continue down to an existing knee wall. Using the Auto Dormer tool, it wants me to specify a slope for the new dormer. Specifying 4:12 is too steep and puts the back of the dormer behind the ridge line and spec'ing 3:12 puts the back of the dormer in front of and below the existing ridge line. What I need is something in the middle like 3.5:12 but it's going to take a lot of trial and error to find the right slope number. Is there a way for HDPro to figure that number out for me instead? What I'd love is to simply say "make a shed dormer from here to here" and have it fill in the blanks.







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You draw the shed roof manually.

Then in plan view align its ridge with the main ridge.

Then open the dialog box of the main roof.

Copy the "Ridge" value of the main roof to the Windows clipboard.

Open the dialog of the shed roof.

Paste the Ridge height value obtained from the main roof into the input box of the shed roof.

When that is done  both the shed and main roofs will have the same ridge height.

You then set the pitch by placing the "Radio Button" beside the "Ridge" input box.

This allows you to change the shed roof's pitch without changing its ridge height.


This video may help with the above



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