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  1. Ok, thanks, guys. DJP, sounds like there's a half solution, using the method you provide. db
  2. I'm good at that. :-) But I thought it was a safe assumption that there'd be a feature where I could select the windows and tell HDPro "distribute these evenly within this span." The kind of simple computation computers were made for. Not the case?
  3. This has to be a noob question but I've searched and can't find an answer: I have a wall with 4 windows in it. I want the 4 windows to be evenly spaced apart within the wall. How can I do that? Thanks, db
  4. I had someone with CA Premier do the initial work for my plan and now I'm refining it in HDPro. I'll experiment with the above and post results. Thanks, db
  5. @LawB10, in my other thread about appliance placement, you said: get rid of the poly lines you don't need them Delete the fireplace from the foundation raise the terrain pad by lowering the number Use a pass thru or doorway and place the fireplace on the outside wall, that way it won't show in the master bedroom Uncheck the No Firebox, raise the fireplace to the height you want it. Resize the fireplace defaults to what you want. I'm not sure what you mean by the polylines. Are you referring to my chimney? Are you on a different tier than I am? I'm on HDPro 2016 and I can't see
  6. @LawB10 - Thanks for the response. I'll move this over to the other thread and respond to it there.
  7. Well now I'm very confused. I quit HDPro and restarted it. With a little nudging to get it to move into place, things moved and I didn't have to hold down ANY key. I wish I knew what I'd been doing wrong. Thanks for all the help - much appreciated.
  8. I attached my plan to this thread: https://hometalk.chiefarchitect.com/index.php?/topic/2136-how-to-tell-hdpro-that-an-object-is-an-appliance/. You can see the issue I'm talking about if you do a doll house view then look at the exterior wall of the white brick fireplace, just above the red brick chimney. You'll see two squares of white brick. Thanks! db
  9. As far as I can tell, I'm using the Control key. (I'm on a Mac so in case it should be a different key, I believe I've tried Shift, Option, and Command too.) I've attached my plan. In the first floor kitchen area, I've left the microwave in front of the cabinet it's meant to go in. In the bar, I've left a wine fridge. If you can get this to work, I'd love to know how since I plan to do the same exercise with the oven and fridge. Thanks! db 22 Ridgeway Road.plan
  10. Thanks. I'd read through those but none were a perfect fit. Here's what I ended up doing (there's still one open question): - use the Build->Fireplace tool with a material of white brick. Because the hearth is a different material and the chimney was already drawn on the house exterior, I turned both off. - created a mantel with the Shelf tool since it's a simple block of cherry. - I used room dividers to delineate where the hearth is and then changed the flooring material. - I placed a fireplace screen object that looks similar to my gas insert on the front of the brick, raising it
  11. @LawB10 - Much appreciate the help but I just can't get the microwave to move into the cabinet. If I try to place it where the cabinet is, HDPro moves the cabinet. Is there possibly something wrong with the cabinet definition?
  12. I didn't know you could spec two stacked on top of each other. Thanks!
  13. FWIW, for my specific use case, it looks like no matter what tool is currently activated, you can hold down Command (on a Mac) and click-drag to temporarily activate the Pan tool.
  14. @David - I've had partial success. For the cooktop, I simply removed the old and placed the new one on top of the counter, adjusting distance from floor to make it look like it is mounted into the counter top. The microwave is an undercounter, drawer type. I removed the existing generic one. In the dialog for the cabinet, I chose the Appliance opening and then it let me pick my Bosch microwave from my library. That's great except the microwave is hovering in front of the cabinet rather than in it. I tried deleting that from the cabinet and then just manually placing the appliance but again
  15. @LawB10 - I've tried that where possible but these are Bosch appliances and I don't see them available. Would love to hear that I'm wrong.