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Draw the bay walls.


Set the room as Bath, and raise the floor.


Place a break where the 2 short walls join the main wall of the house.


In a camera view -- 3D or elevation taken from in the bathroom, select the interior wall and drag it down from the top. You should now see into the bump out.


Select the three walls of the bump out and change them to Attic walls. This will heal the wounds in the siding.


Remove the molding change flooring etc, and you should be close.


PZ-59 Winter (eric).plan

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It looks like it could work. Only problem is every time I try to open the plan in 2015, it says it was written by a newer version. When I try to open 2016, it says program is already running. How can I get into this plan to work on it? I am a bit lost, to say the least.

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Following the instructions above should get you to the same place as the plan.


It's a Pro 2016 plan.


On Windows, close Home Designer. Open Task Manager (right click on the Task Bar, select Task Manager).


Scroll down looking for Home Designer. If found, select it and use the End Task button at the bottom right.


Now try running 2016. 


You may also need to Run as Administrator, right click on the Shortcut, or program name in explorer and choose Run as Administrator.

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