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No, no home designer title can export useful 3D models for use in viewers, except .stl files and I do not know a viewer that handles them (perhaps there is one, I just do not know of it). I post 3D models to Sketchfab using 3DS format but I use Chief Premier which as greater capabilities. Premier also outputs to other 3D files that can be used in other applications. I know you are probably tired of hearing this but you actually do get only what you pay for. I have never used this application but you are free to :




PS: I signed up for a free account and this was the result of a simple .stl upload I made of a garage plan created by others:


It is not Great but it is free and fully 3D

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That link seems to have expired.  It brought me to a location with an error message. I will look into it further.



Thanks for the idea. From what I can tell, reading about it, it only works with Chief Architect products, not with Home Designer.  I didn't try it to see.



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