How to build a double gable roof?


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Build it basically like a Clerestory (discussed in this article), but you won't have to worry about the differing ceiling heights and define the walls for creating side by side gable roofs instead of shed roofs.

Once you get the roof built right, you will turn off Auto Rebuild Roofs in the Build Roof dialog and be able to delete the extra unneeded walls.


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Thanks all for the answers.


I am really close but not there yet.


I end up with the same as the plan "Member" posted. Thanks for that BTW!


The problem I have is, whenever I remove one of the 2 help walls, The roof goes back to a full width gable.


I want 2 gables next to each other which both support on the same wall in the middle (as this is the situation in the old house I bought ;)


Thanks again for your help!

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