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  1. Hi, How can I change the height of an attic? When I go in plan mode to the attic floor, I cannot select the room, so I cannot change the ceiling height.. Am I missing something? Thanks a lot!
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    And thanks David off course!
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    Thanks a lot katalyst, I try that out!!
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    Hi, I have 2 rooms next to each other. There is a small step between the 2 rooms. So one room starts slightly higher from the terrain than the other. Is this considered a new floor? Or are there any parameters I can play with to adjust where the floor starts? Hope I am clear here. Thanks!
  5. Yes! Thank you all. If I set "Auto rebuild roofs off", that did the trick
  6. Thanks all for the answers. I am really close but not there yet. I end up with the same as the plan "Member" posted. Thanks for that BTW! The problem I have is, whenever I remove one of the 2 help walls, The roof goes back to a full width gable. I want 2 gables next to each other which both support on the same wall in the middle (as this is the situation in the old house I bought Thanks again for your help!
  7. Hi, How can I build 2 gables next to each other? Do when I am in front of it the house would look like a "M". Whenever I try to do this Homedesigner puts 1 big gable over the house instead of 2 small. Thanks!