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Image quality and resolution are determined by the size of your monitor and quality of your video card. Other that those two factors the limiter overall is the computer language used by all Home Designer titles including Home Designer Pro is called "Open Graphic Language" ( Open GL )which is the way a PC can translate graphic information and make it visible to the eye. This is also true of Chief Architect Premier except that Premier also has a Ray Tracing application ( a separate rendering image application) that can increase the resolution and size of an image, The larger the image output the longer it takes to create. The file format is something you can experiment with (.jpg, .bmp, .png, .tiff and .gif) , I prefer .jpg for several reasons and have not observed a marked difference between image file formats worth mentioning.



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For what it's worth...I'll investigate my graphics card but I have had good results with this method (albeit multiple steps!)


1. Make the rendering as large as you can on your screen.


2. Do "print screen" and copy to Microsoft PAINT


3. Crop the image and save into a new Chief Architect PLAN file.


4. Send plan file to layout, then follow the steps to save as a PDF.


I get ten times better resolution for presentation drawings when using this method.  If someone has a better way to build the mousetrap, I'm all ears!

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