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Working with HD Pro for Mac.


Last night, the Manufacturer and User Catalogues I had downloaded were present and accounted for in my program. This morning they are both empty.  I assure you, I did not delete the entire content of both catalogues in one fell swoop while asleep.


Has anyone else encountered this issue?


I've already had to reinstall HD once on my Mac because of bugs. Is another one that is going to force me to re-load all of the content I painstakingly loaded in the first place?

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You are not the only one with this issue , it has been report numerous times over on ChiefTalk with the last version of Chief X6 including this week but it sounds like Tech Support can "find" them again so don't mess too much yourself with it in case you "break the repair" TS has...not sure if they are Open on Sat. though?


see here

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