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    Catalogues disappear

    Update: I restarted the program three times. On the third try, the catalogues came back.
  2. jlbeck

    Catalogues disappear

    Working with HD Pro for Mac. Last night, the Manufacturer and User Catalogues I had downloaded were present and accounted for in my program. This morning they are both empty. I assure you, I did not delete the entire content of both catalogues in one fell swoop while asleep. Has anyone else encountered this issue? I've already had to reinstall HD once on my Mac because of bugs. Is another one that is going to force me to re-load all of the content I painstakingly loaded in the first place?
  3. jlbeck

    Cursor Problems with HD Pro 15 for Mac

    Thanks for the replies. I put in an email and attached a picture of my wonky cursor.
  4. I have been using HD Pro for Mac since it first became available. The program has some bugs and is a little finicky, but for the most part works great. Except for one problem. Yesterday, the cursor developed a problem. After using the 'Wall Break' tool, the cursor will not go back to "normal." It continues to display the symbol that indicates that the "Wall Break" tool is active, even when it is not. It is not stuck in "Wall Break" mode, it just has the symbol next to it. If I select the cabinet tool, the cabinet symbol appears along with the "Wall Break" symbol on the cursor. Same goes for other tools. The "Wall Break" tool symbol seems to be permanently part of the cursor. I've tried restarting the program, restarting my computer, trying different plan files. All to no avail. Does anyone know if this is a bug in the Mac version? Is the solution to wipe out and reinstall (something I am loath to do)?