Something happened to my Gable Roof?


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Anyone inclined to help...


Somehow the right side of my gable roof raised by 12" above the opposite side?


Retracing my steps...the second floor originally projected from outside wall to outside wall.  In the 'RV Parking Area' I made the second story 'Open to Below' in order to get the clearance I needed in the space.  This is the only think I can think may have affected the raising of the outside of the gable wall...since the deleted floor was 12" and the gable raised by 12"...but it does not make since to me why this would cause the issue...nor did it help me trace fixing the issue.


Any ideas?


Any help is appreciated.





Garage-RV Floor Plan (2.2.16).plan

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The Baseline Height of the left roof plane is set to 163 9/16".


The Baseline Height of the right roof plane is set to 176 3/16".


176 3/16 inches - 163 9/16 inches = 12.62500 inches difference.


You can open the right roof plane's Specification dialog, move the radio button to lock the Ridge Top Height, and set the Baseline to match that of the left roof plane, if they are supposed to start at the same height.

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