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  1. Thank you for your help Eric and David. The video was VERY helpful....problem solved! Next challenge is the gable end exposed timbers.... Much appreciated.
  2. more time...plan is not open, it is being attached after the plan is closed...this is also the drawing in .plan format...not zipped. thanks for your patience. Tim Floor_Plan;_Design__4_(HDP).plan
  3. Hopefully this will get it. Floor Plan; Design _4 (HDP)(COPY).zip
  4. Greeting, This plan has had various things come up that I have had to become familiar with and appreciate the help along the way. One last question, hopefully, concerns problems I am having with the walls below dormers not connecting. My first issue was knowing I needed 2 x 6 walls under vs. 2 x 4, then aligning as closely as possible for Connect Wall function to work. But, I am still having issues along one side of the building and don't know how to resolve. If someone could point me in the right direction, it would be appreciated. Thank you, Tim Floor Plan; Design _4 (HDP)(COPY).plan Floor Plan; Design _4 (HDP)(COPY).zip
  5. That did it! Thank you for the help. Tim
  6. The attached drawing certainly has some fine-tuning to do, but I am stuck on one area that is critical to progress. I did something so the third floor is 'inactive'. When I click on it, it does not highlight in gray and allow roof specifications etc. If someone is willing to look at the issue I am describing and provide a suggestion on how to fix, I would appreciate it. Thanks Tim Floor Plan; Design #4 (HDP).plan
  7. Thank you both...I did look in Chief and had seen that article, as well as some Auto CAD sites, didn't see anything. Thanks for the option to draw my own... I have also tried "Print Screen" and looked for various Maps i.e. Google, MapQuest etc., but this seems like it might be something I should share if I find a remedy... Thanks again, Tim
  8. I have introduced Vicinity Maps into my drawings using Google Maps and other sources, but jurisdictions have asked if they could be more legible. Any advice on sources for good maps, or other ideas? Thanks, Tim HDP 2016
  9. All right.....I will look into it. Thank you. Tim
  10. To All, I need to draw lateral bracing across deck posts to a second story deck, but I can't figure out how to show these on the drawing...other than superimposing them over the elevation view using CAD tools. I tried framing members, but it seems they are unable to pivot and I tried to modify a 'ranch' corbel, thinking it might be an architectural block I could explode to use the diagonal brace, aside from the top and bottom supports. Anyway, I have attached the elevation view of my project, as well as page showing the local requirements for lateral supports and what is expected by local authorities. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you, Tim (A.2) Elevation View.plan (A.4.2) Stair & Lateral Support Details.plan
  11. Thank you for the response Solver. After posting the previous message I did think to try and do the roof manually...I have attached the result. Yes, it is a simple shed. I built the roof framing manually, within the roof plane I created, however, the rafters are not visible when viewed from the underside. I have attached an ORTHO view of what the deck supports are supposed to look like. Also, the lower end of the shed roof sits over the eave of the existing structure...and the other problem I am having is not being able raise the room ht. of the structure to 8'-0", it wants to stay at 6'-8"? Any ideas on that one? I can not find what box I must have inadvertently checked to get the result of 'locking' the ceiling ht? Thanks for the help... Tim (A.3.3) DECK COVER PLAN.planNickoli Ortho.pdf
  12. To All, Hopefully the plan uploaded... I am trying to put a corrugated roof over a deck, with exposed 2 x 6 rafters. Am I on the right track with the attached drawing, and where should I go from here to make this work. Also, having some fits trying to get my second floor level to 8' high ceiling. It wants to stick at around 6'-10" ? I must have checked some box incorrectly, but can not figure out how to resolve. I appreciate any help offered. Thank you, Tim Using HDP 2016 3D View; Nickoli.plan
  13. To All, Thank you for the help on barrel ceilings. As it turns out, the client opted for the portion of the front deck in question to be vaulted vs. barrel. I have attached a perspective, if you are curious. Thanks again, Tim Front Porch Elevation (Vaulted; BM incl.).pdf
  14. Can barrel ceilings be created in HDP? If so, how? I have an area within my covered front porch that I would like to make a barrel ceiling under the gable roof. I appreciate your help and suggestions. Tim