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I'm using HD Pro 2015.


I'm adapting a house from a set of plans the client purchased.  There are multiple roof lines.  See attached drawing.


I have the roof planes in the proper location and the proper pitch, height and overhang, but I cannot for the life of me edit them or get them to join up.  I seem to recall using the F2 button to set points on the roof plane where you want to edit, but I just can't get it to work.  (The fact that I have spent almost 2 days on this probably doesn't help.)


Am I missing something or is there perhaps a tutorial that goes beyond roof basics?  I can't find one.




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Have you tried auto building the roof? At least as a starting point.


Use the 2 key to join roof planes, 3 to break.


Try pulling them back from each other.


Sometimes it's easier to build the main roof planes first, then go back and add the smaller ones -- the small gables in your plan, for example.


Post the plan for better help.

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Thanks, Solver.  Two thumbnails attached...outline of the plan after using autobuild, and a copy of the original framing plan.


As you can see, (maybe), it's a complex combination of gables, hip and shed.


I've managed to convert the gable ends manually, but now I've got this hip roof to deal with that's in the middle of the whole structure, and some of the gable surfaces form the sides of the hip.  The program, naturally, wants to create about three times as many surfaces as I actually need.


(Not something I would have designed, but the client wants to replicate it.)


Hope this isn't too confusing and thanks in advance.



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You know I never have much luck with auto build unless it's a fairly simple house.  It's a good starting point for you to edit the roof planes manually.





I have posted plans before when they are still open -- maybe because I use the Mac version.

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